Youth Activities

The Religious School students enjoy several activities throughout the year in tribes as a way for students to get to know each other in the building. The tribes are made up of multi-age groups with Confirmation and students from 8/9th grades helping teachers lead the activities.  During Sukkot, tribes decorated the sukkah together, Skyped with a temple in California showing off each other’s sukkah’s, and learned about the lulov and etrog.  For Hanukkah, tribes made pretzels dipped in chocolate, made individual kugels with Devra,our music teacher, painted dreidels, decorated crafts for donating to a retirement home, and so much more.  Tribe activities are scheduled around holidays and are an exciting way to build friendships among our students.

At the NRT, we believe that Youth Programs can be for all ages, crazy,  fun and Jewish all at the same time.